Rebellions Are Built On Hope

So where have I been? I know it’s been a little while since I wrote my last blog. This totally blasts the “be consistent” motto of bloggers as I have just fallen off the grid since around August. So I’ll tell you. I have been watching the horror show of Donald Trump. From his nomination to his first week in office I have watched like I am watching a horrible train derailment happening in slow motion. I could not take my eyes off the spectacle that is now Trump. Only this nightmare is not happening in slow motion, but in real time, at a fast and horrible pace.

Everyday something mind boggling would happen. I couldn’t take my eyes off the news, social media, anything. I was afraid I would miss something vital. It doesn’t help that I am a political junkie anyway. I was a political science/communications double major in college. It’s simply part of who I am.

So by that opening paragraph you know where I stand on this nit wit. You will also notice I will never use the word President before this bottom feeder’s name. You can choose to agree or not, it won’t change my opinion. You can be a troll of hate, it will only reveal you for who you are. I don’t care. I have an unending fortitude. You won’t break me. I also have a weapon against personal attacks.  It’s called delete and block. If you wish to put up a respectful counter-opinion I will be happy to read it. If you get personal or hateful, “Bye Felicia.”

Rebellions are built on hope.

I struggled with taking my blog out of witty and sentimental stories about my family and my life and venturing into the political opinion realm on occasion. I realized I must. I have a voice and I need to speak out no matter how hard that may be at times. I need to stand against the fascism that we see unfolding before our eyes. I could no longer pretend this distortion of reality was okay. I need to remind everyone that truth matters, facts matter. I need to remind you that no matter how much double, triple, or quadruple-speak comes out of the Sean Spicer and Kellyanne Conway’s of this world, we will hold them accountable and hold up the free press to fight against the gaslighting that this asshole is trying to pull on us. Alternative facts are not facts, they are lies. Period.

Trump is an abuser. He is abusing his position. He is abusing our sensibilities. He is abusing his role in the world and for some reason we gave him a free pass to do it. I have read all the different theories on why people voted for him. I have seen it all, read it all, tried to digest it all, and have decided it is ALL correct.  Everything from the mistakes Hilary Clinton made, to Russia, to disenfranchised middle America, to Comey, to his celebrity, to racism, the list is endless.  All the pieces of this ridiculous puzzle brought us to this point. Many little bad choices and factors have left us with one big shit sandwich, Trump. There is no one thing. No matter how many times we hear the pundits try to place blame on one thing, it just doesn’t add up. We have reached a point in our history where this was bound to happen. Now we have to deal with it.

I made many outward political choices in my teenage and young years, but I think it was a very personal one that I find most profound in developing who I am as a person and who I wanted to be. I dated a guy for a little while in college from Virginia. My college was also in south central Virginia. Having been raised in New Jersey I knew little about slavery other than what I learned in history books. However, I knew enough at that time to understand the shameful place it holds in our nation’s history. One foggy hungover morning, after a fairly normal night of college drinking before, he said, ” One hundred-thirty years ago, a slave would be bringing us breakfast right now. Wouldn’t that be nice?” Just writing that makes me feel like I have just been kicked in the stomach. It did then too. We stopped seeing each other that day. I mention this story as a way of showing that our values come from within. Right and wrong matter. Our choices matter.

Since then, caring about others is what drives my political decisions. Putting others who are less fortunate before myself directs and motivates me. Remembering the values this country was founded on and the rights we have as citizens forges my resolve. I have made the decision to not back down, to strive towards a better nation, to make this world a little brighter. We are in a serious “bunny hop” moment. Hopefully the two steps we are bound to go back in the next few years will result in a serious forward thrust thereafter. A reset, a correction in our political market so to speak.

I think we are in for some dark times ahead. His opening days are reflecting everything those on the left have feared. Trump is a petty little man. He is a bully who has surrounded himself with sycophants. He only listens to the sound of his own voice. Reason and thoughtfulness does not exist with him. Power is all that matters. He has given a giant middle finger to everyone who said he couldn’t, but not because he should. His ego is all there is.

We will untangle and discover what he is hiding. Either with leaks, or hacks, he will be found out. Then he will be a victim of his own game. He will be a victim of himself. His ego will destroy him. Until then, we rebel. We fight back. My own personal motto these days comes from the movie Rogue One, “We have hope, rebellions are built on hope.” Don’t think we are in anything less than an actual rebellion. I promise you, we are not.

On his first day in office, an hour after taking the oath, he signed an executive order that will make it harder for middle income people to buy homes. Now tens of thousands of Americans will find out a home is no longer within their reach.  He is not the friend of the middle class. He is poser, way over his head, with posers working for him and in his cabinet. He is a magical act, an expert in the art of misdirection. Let’s make sure we are watching the whole act, not just what he has tweeted about that day. It is by design, what does he want us to not pay attention to when he tweets? That is the question everyone should ask with every tweet he sends.

I will be challenging myself to get back into writer mode in the coming weeks. I will continue with my usual banter regarding life and the ridiculous, but I will also be picking some topics Trump and how they screw with you, the people. I will focus mostly on activism as that is where I find myself today. I am part of an active organization that is gaining ground in the deep red state of South Carolina. We are organizing and finding our voice. We won’t be silenced and will fight Trump and anyone like him along the way. We will have our victories. We will have our failures. We know that. Will it stop us? Nope.

His decisions are no longer theory or guesstimates. They are now happening in real time with real consequences that have a real impact on real people. It’s showtime Donald. The curtain has been pulled back and you have your hand on all the levers. We are watching, and we will continue to watch. Then we will fight back at every turn.

I hope to inspire you to become active in your own way. I will be writing more about how you can in coming weeks.

Let me know what your plans are in the face of this horror flick. I really would love your ideas to see if they can be incorporated into my own or the groups I am working with. I promise more details soon.

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