Eight Reasons Being Sick Sucks

The hubs got me sick. That’s right. How dare he? How dare he work around sick people all the time and bring home some nasty bug? I know that no one likes being sick. I also know I am fortunate since I work from behind a computer in the comfort of my own home. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t still suck, big time. With cold and flu season about to start, this hitting me right at its onset only makes me cringe in that I may get hit again.

I do have a life, a schedule I like to keep, errands I have to do, housework that needs to be done, and appointments to go to in order to keep up with the things that have to do with living. I am fortunate that I have grown children and don’t have the same problems I did when my kids were young. Every Mom knows that Moms aren’t allowed to be sick. We just have to suck it up and some how function. That super sucks.  Now that I am allowed to be sick, it doesn’t make it any less sucky though.

So  I lie here, staring at the pile of crap that I have to do and knowing I have absolutely no energy or desire to get up and actually do it. I think about the two appointments that I had today that now need to be cancelled so I don’t spread my plague to others that may be around me. I decide to do something in the fog of my brain and come up with a list of why being sick sucks.

8 Reasons Being Sick Sucks

1.  Not knowing when it will end.

First it just feels like nothing will change. I am in my second day of illness and I just feel like I am no better today, even though I probably am, it just seems as if the symptoms are changing. While some get better other new ones pop up. My bad sore throat yesterday has been replaced by incredible fogginess today.  I’m sure the snot will flow tomorrow. YUCK! When will it end? It just seems to be a perpetual cycle of sweat and sleep and sweat again. Time stands still.

2.  Being told to drink lots of fluids.

I know to drink lots of fluids. I don’t need anyone to remind me of this. I am a mom who has nursed two kids through countless illnesses funneling liquids down their throats. I know my body needs to stay hydrated and that is how to do it. I just don’t feel like it. I feel like forcing more tea, juice, and water is just too hard. I also don’t want to stand on my feet long enough to actually boil the water for my tea. I want my bed.

3. Everything is too hot or too cold.

One minute I’m shivering like I’m standing in the Arctic Circle in a bikini, so I surround myself in a cocoon of blankets. Five minutes later, it feels like I’m in the tenth circle of hell and I can’t get the covers off fast enough…until I’m freezing again. Body temperature, MAKE UP YOUR MIND!

4. The hardship of being lonely, but not wanting infect anyone else.

Curling up on someone who loves me would be so comforting when I feel like hacking up a lung or two. I know though that risking their health is not an option. So the dance of the sickie occurs. Stay over there. Come help me. Bring me something … go away.

My husband just can’t win. Even though he has had this and the laws of viruses means that I probably can’t give it back, I just don’t want to tempt fate. I will remain alone while I convalesce.  Since I have determined in #1 that I  don’t think this will ever end, I will be alone forever.

5. All food tastes like dirt.

If I even have an appetite. Nothing is appealing. It just looks like blah, and tastes worse. Why does being sick take the flavor out of everything?  I open the fridge or the cabinet and catch myself just staring. You would think that everything in there was polenta and nothing else. Not the good cheesy kind of polenta either. The before it has been pumped up polenta. Bland, unappealing mush, that’s all I see. Just the word ‘polenta’ is enough to make me hurl right now. Blech!

I also don’t want to eat anything that may upset the delicate bowel situation I may have. The BRAT diet isn’t appetizing, and requires me to actually cook the rice. I don’t want to stand long enough to make tea. How the hell do you think I’m going to work hard enough to make rice?

6. There is nothing on TV.

I finding myself running up and down the channels on tv completely unsatisfied. It is about as bland as my refrigerator. I am a news junkie and I want nothing to do with it. Game shows? Nope. Talk shows? Nope. Cartoons? Maybe. Time to turn on Netflix and find something binge worthy,  Any suggestions? That is just too overwhelming for me right now. Too many choices. Make it stop.

7. Nothing is comfortable.

I move from my bed, to the couch, to a comfy chair, and back to my bed. Since my body aches, everything feels lumpy and just makes me hurt. I take a shower to move around and freshen up and that helps… for ten whole minutes. The good news is I get to lie around without a bra on, that totally makes it worth it. Boob freedom is always a plus, even on my worst day.

8. When I feel better, I won’t sound better.

I feel this slowly moving into my lungs and head so I know the usual steps this will take. I will feel better in a day or two, but I will sound like a two pack a day smoker. Even though I am no longer patient zero from the movie Contagion, it is ironic that I will be treated like I should still be in quarantine when by this point I won’t be. Thus, my lonely sick existence will only continue.

That about does it for me, my bed is calling me back.  How do your sick days rank and how accurate do you find mine? What do you have to add to the list? I would like to know as in the fog that I am swimming in right now, I may have missed a few.


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66 thoughts on “Eight Reasons Being Sick Sucks

  1. Being sick is definitely not fun. I had to chuckle at “there’s nothing on tv.” That’s me, all these channels and not a thing to watch. Or maybe I’m just extra picky when I’m sick.

  2. I hate being sick, too. I have four children, so it’s hard to have downtime for myself to get better, especially if my husband is working. To resolve the nothing on TV problem, I like to watch Netflix or Hulu. Hope you’re feeling better, Julie!

  3. Ugh, yes, being sick is awful. And when you have kids, it makes it even worse.

    I just got over a horrible sore throat and I was out of it for a few days. I was like, “I have things to do! I don’t have time for this!”

  4. Honestly, I spent a good part of the last four years in and out of the hospital, and the way I survived it all was by shifting my attention to the things that supported my wellness; gratitude, family, creative expression. This too shall pass. Get well soon. <3

  5. I haven’t been sick for a long time, but oh how I hate being sick. The worst part for me is being tired and crumpy. And you are right, all food tastes like dirt and now, when I have time to watch some TV, there is nothing interesting on.

  6. There are days when I am just so overwhelmed with my job and with housework that I wish I would get sick to have a reason to stay in bed and not lift a finger. Well, fate did play a trick on me and I got sick! Now all I want is to be well again! This post speaks of the truth – being sick really sucks.

  7. All of these are so true! I am still getting over a cold that the kids brought home… Of course it could have been a lot worse! But I could never find anything to watch…

  8. NOTHING is comfortable yes. When Im sick I just feel so uncomfortable. I hope you feel better asap! Try HULU or Netflix and start a new show!

  9. Your account of being sick is extremely accurate-unfortunately. I am single and live alone–all I ever wan6t to do is curl up and sleep–wake take a sip or two of water–back to sleep. Phone rings–leave me alone is what I want to say–but of course don’t. The only option we have is–don’t get sick!! (in our dreams)

  10. Awwww, I hope you feel better if you haven’t already but I can truly relate. I hate being sick. Everything tastes bad and it seems like I would never get better. While I love being in bed, I don’t love it THAT much!

  11. Lol You have NO idea how appropriate this is right now. I’m trying to recover from a nasty cold and it’s driving me nuts. The never knowing when it’s going to end on nothing on TV is really what irritates me on top of mostly just being tired of having to deal with it. lol

  12. You know what I hate about being sick? I’m allergic to most medicine so if I catch colds or cough or the flu, I have to wait it out! And I’m kind of the worst patient ever so it’s really horrible.

  13. Sounds just right on the mark. That’s why I have a ziploc bag that contains Clorox wipes. As I work at a school and the first to get sick are the kids that then pass it to the adults.

  14. This list is so on point! I always get annoyed when people tell me to drink lots of water when I’m sick. It’s a silly thing to get annoyed over, but I completely agree that it gets under my skin. And yes, being alone so you don’t infect anyone else sucks :/ That’s probably the worst part.

  15. You’re pretty much bang on each point! I hate being sick too!! An enjoyable read, since you’re an empty nester you’ve probably seen it all as I have. Here’s a topic suggestion for you…. Top 10 reasons why grown men turn into sniveling babies when they’re sick ~lol!

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