I Miss My Dad

I miss my Dad. It has been a year and a half since we said goodbye to one of the greatest human beings I have known in my life. I knew the first year would be hard, but I didn’t realize that it never gets easier.

I miss my Dad. I miss his sense of humor. I miss the jokes he would play on all of us. I remember when he would short-sheet my bed when I would come home from college. If I brought a friend he would short-sheet their bed too. I see the look on his face when he would do some sneaky little trick as if to say “Who me”? Yeah Dad, we all knew it was you. Every time. Your signature on the silly was always prominent and clear.

I miss my Dad. I miss waking up on my birthday every year to both of my parents singing happy birthday to me. When I was grown and out of the house it didn’t stop. An early morning phone call waking me up at the crack of dawn would always welcome me on the day of my birth.

I miss my Dad. I miss the time he dropped the chicken all over the patio. He put it right back on the grill, slathered in sauce, and hoped we didn’t notice. One bite of sandy grit and we knew Dad, we knew.

I miss my Dad.  I miss him giving me away on my wedding day two years ago. I miss the look as well as the tears in his eyes that saw his only daughter was finally, truly happy.

I miss my dad.
My Dad on my wedding day. I am so happy he was able to see his daughter finally happy.

I miss my Dad. I miss that no matter what we would fight or argue about, he taught me to forgive and move on. I didn’t say it then because I am stubborn, but he was always right.

I miss my Dad. I miss the fact that even when I was a fully grown married woman with children Dad would still make all of us go to bed early on Christmas Eve so that Santa would come.

I miss my Dad. I miss the way he would look over the top of his glasses.  I miss the jokes he would make when we sat in his dentist chair and he would squirt us with the water to make us giggle.

I miss my Dad. I miss seeing him with his grandchildren, telling his stories. My Dad had a way of getting all the grandchildren to finish their supper by mesmerizing them with stories of Popeye, Bluto, and Olive Oyl.

I miss my Dad. I miss his counsel. I miss his sincere ability to fully listen to anything we needed to talk to him about. I miss his advice.

I miss my Dad. I miss that he never laughed at any crazy idea I had and always supported what I was doing even if it was pretty dumb.

I miss my Dad. I miss the twenty he would slip into my pocket on my way out the door. I miss how he would redo the dishwasher and could somehow pack so much more into it than I could.

I miss his laugh. I miss his patience. I miss his smile. I miss his hugs. I miss his lectures. I miss him. I miss my Dad.

The one thing I don’t miss is his love. I will hold that forever in my heart. Always.

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42 thoughts on “I Miss My Dad

  1. I am so sorry for your loss and I know how you feel! I lost my mom 9 years ago and it was, sill is a struggle. It never gets easier I have just adapted 🙁

  2. Losing a parent is definitely one of the hardest things that we go through. Like you, I was totally unprepared for it and for the realization that it really doesn’t get any easier with time. So glad you know he’s still with you and his love doesn’t ever go away. 🙂

  3. Losing a family member is tough, but we always cherish the memories. It’s amazing how beautiful the father and daughter relationship can be. My dad also supports all my crazy ideas and listens to my every word. It’s an incredible bond that will never break. Not even death can take away all the wonderful moments you two shared.

  4. This was so beautiful! I am so sorry you are missing your dad right now but so glad you have such wonderful memories.

  5. What a beautiful read <3 we are in the awful situation right now with my Mother-In-Law (she is in palliate care) and I am already having a difficult time holding it together…but, like your post, it is best to remember the good times and the funny things they have done! Creating and holding onto those special moments is what stays with us in the end <3

  6. So sorry for your loss. Your father seems like he was an amazing Dad, you were very blessed to have him in your life. So happy you continue to keep his love in your heart. May God continue to comfort you.

  7. I am so sorry for your loss! I can’t even imagine what it is like to not be able to pick up the phone or see him. I would miss all of these things about my dad as well.

  8. My heart. I lost my dad almost 15 years ago, and I miss everything about him. His counsel and his hugs the most. Thank you for sharing your heart. Though our circumstances are different, I feel your ache. Sending you love and prayers!

  9. I lost my mom in July and it just amazes me how some days sre “normal” and then some days I wake and I just can’t keep it together as I am overcome with how much I miss my mom. I don’t think that will ever ever go away. But you know what, I’m OK with that.

  10. Wish I had comforting words for you. I lost my dad when I was 15 years old. I’m 32 now and I still miss him dearly. I wish he was here to see my kids. I wish I could tell you that time will heal….

  11. What a beautiful and poignant way to honor your dad. I can tell he was a very special person in your life. I miss my dad too. <3

  12. Oh Julie this is such a wonderful post. What a special man your Dad was. My Dad passed away 10 years ago – they leave a gap that no-one else can fill. Xx

  13. I completely understand how you feel. I lost my dad 6 years ago and I still miss him. I have finally gotten to the point that I don’t want to call him all the time but it is still hard.

    Your dad seems like he was very influential in your life and a great man!

  14. This made me cry! I lost my dad about 7 years ago and it never stops hurting, I’ve just learned to live with it and I’m sure you’re in the process of that too. Hugs!

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