15 Things You Learn On A Road Trip With Your Parents

This post was written by my daughter.  The observations she made during our family road trip last week I must admit were pretty spot on. I see them as funny in that I lived through them all. I think a lot of people will find themselves or their own families in these observations.  As you can see the post made the internet, so we did survive the 9 day, 2300 miles nutty trip together. – Julie Mason


Just One More

1. You will hear the same conversation multiple times, however, when told, it will be said in some different context.

2. Your parents will eventually yell at each other for something stupid..or since you’re the child, yell at you for something probably not so stupid.

3. Crankiness will occur between you and your parents…you’re traveling together for over a week…get used to it.

4. If you bring your dog, he will go everywhere with you. I mean…everywhere.

5. Because of the dog, you may feel like you miss out on some adventurous things during your road trip, but enjoy the moments you have.

FRENCH (1)6. You will start to miss regular food and really good coffee…along with your dad’s “proper breakfast” which some days, doesn’t require a bagel with cream cheese, but more of that delicious special burger somewhere like Eggs Up Grill can offer at 8:30AM…kudos The Mills Restaurant…you nailed it!

7. Pictures will get very old…very fast. (do you really have to take pictures EVERYWHERE?) Guilty as charged.

8. Multiple pictures of the dog are okay…doing the exact same “sploot” with his adorable new cousin, but multiple pictures of you and your family…oh please, when does it end!

9. Your mom will start to comment on how beautiful and amazing things are…all you really want her to do is be quiet so it is not an “ooh and ahh” every 5 seconds. Especially if the azaleas in the neighborhood are mountains compared to your hometown azaleas.

10.  And she’ll comment on how beautiful the neighborhood is you are staying at with family…over..and over again. Do you see a pattern?

11. Getting lost will occur! Especially when your mom clicks on the wrong google maps place, and takes you 45 minutes in a random direction of where you actually need to be headed. “Honey, why are we in Connecticut?” True Story.this-way-718660_640

12. Your parents will ABSOLUTELY complain about other drivers…whether idiotic on the road or not..every single driver will p.o. your parents… next exit, anger management.

13. Your parents’ rely way too much on the back up camera your car now offers.

14. Your dad, who is a doctor, is way too proud and interested of the post digestive life of your dog and will discuss with your not so interested family.

15. But most of all, embrace your time with your family, especially on a road trip. There’s only so much time you have with the people around you. As a teenager about to go off to college, this vacation with my parents meant the world to me. Yes, they got annoying at times..but it goes both ways. It’s all about the memories you make, so make them worth remembering.


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