Crisis or Constructive?

Opening up my life in a public forum may seem like an absolutely bizarre thing to do to many people.  It was pretty much me for forty-nine years.  I have had to spend a great deal of time trying to discover why I want to share my life with the world, or at least with the 10 people who may think it’s interesting. Am I going through a mid-life crisis?  Yes, I am.  In a way.  Sort of. No, not at all. Selling all my worldly goods and living in a yurt in New Mexico would possibly be a crisis.  Writing a blog would not be. The bottom line is I am not going to speak to everyone all the time.  I hope to speak to enough people some of the time to remain relevant.

Putting myself “out there” is a challenging proposition.  I have to make myself vulnerable.  I must have the confidence that it takes to write a blog about me.  I am the queen of being a jack of all trades and a master of none.  I have no real expertise in anything that I could blog on except myself. That is a  pretty vain thought if I say so myself.  I have had to find the place to not be afraid  to step out into the unknown world of myself. I have to not be afraid to share myself.   A self I want to get to know better through writing. That is not easy.

My intent is to write about things that mean something to me.  I may write about my family one day, religion the next, politics after that, and a great movie I saw the other day after that.  I may let a few ‘F-Bombs’ drop as well as other colorful language.  I simply don’t know.  I intend to just begin writing.  I hope to find my voice.  In saying that, I may never find my voice because in my reinvention, I will probably change and grow as I continue to age.  That is the point.  Who I was yesterday is not who I am today. Discovering myself is a process I don’t think will ever end.

So if you are following me on this journey, hold on.  I hope you connect with my journey and allow yourself to feel vulnerable as well.  I hope you enjoy my snark, humor, and candor.  I don’t intend to hold back.  If you wish to engage or comment feel free to do so.  If you don’t like what I have to say, that’s fine, you don’t have to, unlike, unfollow, undo. If you think you can do it better, start your own blog.  I’m not out to be better than anyone else, I am just out to be me.  This isn’t a crisis, it is a creation, it is constructive.  It is me.

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About Julie Mason

Julie is a nearly fifty year old almost empty nester. Life is interesting, ever changing, fun, infuriating, and Julie wishes to share it with you all. She hopes to learn along the way as well and write about anything and everything that strikes her fancy.

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