Hello world!

Creating a blog seems a bit like a pregnancy.  When I made the decision to create this blog I had no idea what I was getting myself into.  I just knew I had a passion to write about my experiences and my life in the hopes that others may glean a little from my life and thoughts as well as I may learn from others.  Like a pregnancy, once the decision was made, the creating was half the fun.  However, little did I realize the number of decisions that would have to take place to see this simple little blog be born.

Naming this blog has kept me up nights.  I have lost sleep.  I have entered about 999 possible names into the domain search filters.  Like naming a baby, I wanted the name to say something.  I wanted it to reflect who I am today as well as who I was and who I hope to find as I travel on the remainder of the journey I am on in this world.  The names went from the serious to the silly.  ‘Stop Before I Smack You’ was a top contender until my best friend suggested I needed to stay away from anything that could be construed as porn.  I agreed.  When I told her what I wanted to convey, as well as a name that had already been taken, she gave me ‘Reinventing Julie’. I rolled this one around for a bit.  It was the baby name I was looking for.

Life is constant change.  No chapter of our life remains permanent.  We can never stop time to remain in a moment we want to last forever, nor can we fast forward to skip past the parts we don’t enjoy.  Change is inevitable.  We must constantly find our way through whatever comes our way.  I know I am continually needing to reconstruct, deconstruct, reinvent each day to roll with the good and the bad.  I am always reinventing Julie.

So the first major decision has been made, and in doing that I am able to publish my first post.  I still have a thousand others to make, from design, to links, to simply understanding how this all works.  This blog will be reinvented a million times to Sunday, I hope you will enjoy the ride with me. In the meantime, this newborn now needs a nap.

Reinventing Julie - a blog for the middle age empty nesters


About Julie Mason

Julie is a nearly fifty year old almost empty nester. Life is interesting, ever changing, fun, infuriating, and Julie wishes to share it with you all. She hopes to learn along the way as well and write about anything and everything that strikes her fancy.

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  1. This is awesome and so inspiring. I have wanted to blog about so many things but didn’t have the courage. I hope to learn from you on this journey and hopefully be able to bless someone with my thoughts

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